Incident on The Smiler 02/06/2015

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Hmm.... I disagree. If something like this does you harm, then first there is the feeling that "how can they reopen such a thing when look what its done to me" and secondly there is the "I wouldnt want anyone else to go through this" so I think how she feels is completely understandable.

In terms of us being the outsider looking at this, then yes, we can see it from a more logical point of view as in "well it was human error there was nothing wrong with the ride" and while that may be correct, we also have to take into account that had that blind spot on the ride been taken into account (hence the new control panel at that end of the ride) before a ride restart, that the accident wouldnt have happened, even with human intervention.

I think what Nick wanted to do was as I described above, but to also explain what new safety measures they have fitted to the ride. I think there will be some sort of statement from Alton prior to it reopening as other members of the public would want to know what happened and whats been done to stop it happening again. But no, I think the way she feels is totally understandable. Like I said, who are we to judge someones emotions when we are not experiencing the same as them.


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Any reason for Oblivion to be closed? Don't know if enterprise is as well, but perhaps trying to keep people out of X Sector?


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I dont think we can criticize her for saying she doesn't want ride to open. She is allowed to say it. Not all people are that much into rides as we are. She lost a leg, its easy to say I would get back, hopefully we will never know what it feels like to loose a limb in that way (or in any way). Bit insensitive to say '15 min of fame' she just wants to say her piece. That is all.

I'll say it again she has the right to oppose ride re opening. There will be a backlash that's certain. And itv love a sob story on its morning programmes.


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^what if person who crashed into was speeding/drunk. Would you Ni tell people not to speed/drink and drive?

This post wasn't originally a double post somebody has deleted post they had put.
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I have not see today interview. Do we had a name for the victim we are taking about?
They all have the right to have an opinion and voice it. In fact we all do.

I am wondering about their hidden injuries, and how the talk of reopening is affecting that. Night terrors and flash backs to the time on the ride, and the horrid moments after. Posttraumatic stress is something we have not really talked about. I would not want to be a viewer inside the head of any of the crash victims the night when smiler is opened again for the first time.


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It's never going to be good news for the victims of the accident, however to delay opening it 'out of respect' is a poorly chosen phrase, as it suggests they would be opening it without approval by HSE, and also without addressing the true scenario that led to this event.

The respect to the victims should be considered separate to the operations of the ride. Nobody wanted this to happen, nobody expected his to happen, and it in all probability will never happen again


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Why do I do it to myself:banghead:

But according to this article & Vicky Balch, Nick Varney & the rest of AT want the ride open as soon as possible, however Vicky believes it to be disrespectful for them to want to open it so quickly.

I refuse to click on the link to read that article, but I think after reading the majority of comments afterwards, I get the general jist of what they're saying.

Basically, one of the victims doesn't want the ride to reopen "after what it's done", and the press have sensationalised 90% of what was said in favour of the victim, and cause even more ridiculous uproar amongst the general public. And for anyone who doesn't believe me when I say that what the press have caused uproar, I took the time to search "The Smiler" on Twitter, and the amount of "shame on you Alton Towers for re-opening The Smiler", "can't believe they're reopening The Smiler because they're losing profits" and "profit over safety" comments I've seen is literally ridiculous. I even saw someone who was in an argument with someone going as far as wishing someone that they "rode The Smiler" - comments like that really wind me up, and the press make it far worse than it actually is 90% of the time.

My verdict is that the victim(s) of the ride have suffered unfortunate and devastating injuries (in some cases life changing injuries), and the park and Nick Varney in particular have been nothing but incredible in their support for both the families and the victims. Constant visits and reporting back on their findings and why the accident happened. NV has been straight up honest with them, and that's great to hear. He's gone to visit the victims and their families to inform them of their intentions to re-open the ride following the implementation of further safety protocols which I'm sure he explained will ensure that an incident like this will never happen again, and one of the victims is upset about this. This has spiralled off into everyone thinking it's disrespectful to reopen the ride, which quite frankly, is absolutely ridiculous. The victims will most likely not be happy about it, but at the end of the day, the ride will reopen when the park and HSE are happy that the ride is safe to be open to the public again.


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Yes I would say being respectful is making sure it never happens again, and I agree that Varney has been exemplary with handling it.

They have stated that they relive it, and being constantly reminded of it brings it flooding back. What they need is distance from the event and enough time with no mention of it in the press, basically try to ignore anything published by trinity mirror...can't be easy.


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Merlin CLEARLY never wanted the accident to happen.
Alton Towers CLEARLY never wanted the accident to happen.
Nick CLEARLY never wanted the accident to happen.

Alton Towers, Nick, and Merlin as a whole have supported these people and families from day 1, and have been nothing short of fantastic. However, whilst most of the riders have been more private with their recovery, activities etc, there was one, early on, which mentioned a "top injury lawyer", and several articles on how they'd been assigned the case, and were going to go for millions............
How many more articles can they squeeze out of this? Yes, it's devestating, we get that. But I don't see the rest of the people going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on...... Sure, they've done interviews and stories, but they've also been open and honest, with their raw emotions.

Reopening a ride "too early" will cause offense, HOW exactly? Such a stupid thing to say. I can NEVER feel the pain this girl is, nor the heartache, loss, etc, but making a statement such as this is a little silly, and something the media, clearly, have loved.

As I've said, the majority of the "victims" or "survivors" have been private. This one has not, and has lapped up the media with talk of compensation, lawyers, accusing Nick of being insensitive in her home, the ride is opening too soon, not respectful etc. It screams, to me at least, "GIVE ME ATTENTION". We get it. You were injured. We all feel sorry for you, but these constant stories are getting Boring, with a massive, capital B.

Welcome to the media.


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I see the victim on This Morning said she never wants the ride to reopen.

Ahhh, now we are seeing why the truth has been twisted about what was really said in that meeting.
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A lot of anger for what she has done, which is understandable but lets be honest she will be getting a lot AWWW's by doing this interview. Mostly because its on the lovely, people not working friendly itv. A small percentage of the population actually give a crap about this. We notice because we choose to notice. This is a website that is dedicated to Alton Towers after all, we notice every single little thing, from fences to painted walls. To a poor article about a ride and place that we all love. Twitter is full of people who are always right lets not forgot that, nobody on twitter is ever ever wrong. Never not on twitter

The reason for her going onto the tele will be debated im sure. From personnel injury lawyers trying to get more £££££££, or because she actually has been offended by Merlin and Mr Varney coming to her and saying we are going to open and yes this has affected our business, which actually I can fully understand why she would be upset. This accident has changed her life loosing a limb no matter how you did it is still awful. When you have paid x amount to go to a place and go on to rides you don't expect the staff to make a huge error of judgement. I understand that this does happen but you don't expect it, especially not at Alton Towers.

Now a lot of you friendly have folk, have pointed at the ride crashing because of "Human error" and have pointed out that human error has occurred. I know that I have posted that when cars, planes and trains crash that people still drive, fly and bored a train. But I wont be attacking her personnel for saying what she has said, after all being a victim she is allowed to come out and say hang on, why is this ride being allowed to be standing never mind re-opening. Its ok to say being in her position I would do.............................. but we are not and I hope that nobody reading/skipping past this post is ever going to put into that situation. She has said that she does modelling since the accident and good on her, least she isn't hiding away. Let us not forget that she is a victim. She will have more then physical scars. Most accidents are Human Error, every time there is human error there is a victim. They have the right to say and ask why did this happen, what are they going to do to stop this happening and why is this being allowed to maybe happen again.


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They have a right to say whats happened... how they are feeling blah blah blah.
they also have the choice to no comment when tabloid scum come calling wanting to know things.
ITV phoning to come and be on TV

oh look at me , poor me..

I'm a grumpy old fart but personally I would just want to be left alone to get on with my life and move on .

Edit: just realised this is basically what I said this this morning, old fart forgetfulness o_O
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