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Merlin Annual Pass

djtruefitt said:
Cheese said:
If the January sale price for Premium passes is no better than the normal renewal price, I see little point in sticking another year on my pass now like I did last year.

Normally the renewal rate is pretty rubbish, and it is cheaper in the sale. The prices above might just be for the sale period? I suppose we will know more tomorrow.
I think my renew price was about £10 more so it's nothing special
djtruefitt said:
The only issue with the birthday treat is what about people who have a birthday during closed season?

To be fair, this is just the luck of the drawer...

Europa-Park and Phantasialand offer free admission entirely to children on their birthday until the age of 12. This means you could get a free visit every year if your birthday is in August. But, if your birthday is in February, then sorry - no visits for you!
The website has been updated to include the full list of perks for each pass:



DiogoJ42 said:
I'd be amazed if the sell a single "VIP" pass. Ever.

There will be some who will be mad enough to buy it.

Interesting how they've now included fastracks to the Premium pass ::)
So this actually seems like a rather positive set of perks for the passes this year. Admittedly haven't seen the Ts and Cs to see if the standard pass has bigger blackout dates but so far so good.

In fact, the premium pass has had it's value added to by including fastrack and the birthday perk. Equally to limit the Fastrack it seems like you only get it once per park? Again, haven't read the conditions so not sure.

As for VIP - it's insanely pricey but then that is what we have all cried out for. Merlin to offer a premium experience that is actually priced at a premium and therefore doesn't affect day-to-day guests. They've actually managed to create something limited and expensive rather than something standard disguised as a premium. (If that makes sense)
From what it says it looks like the Fastrack is in the form of 1x £5 Fastrack voucher for each theme park (except Legoland).
Considering the Platinum FT quota is nearly always filled in peak season, the VIP pass is not that bad value is it? You only have to visit AT 3 times and its 'paid for' so to speak.

What is platinum, £90-something each visit if I remember.

I can see the 1,000 selling out very quickly, and I'm extremely glad it is limited.

People who buy FT Platinum, I can't imagine an extra £300 being too much for the whole year.

No to mention the Unlimited Drinks, the Preferred Parking and the BEHIND THE SCENES TOURS!
Good to see what look like positive changes to the pass rather than negative changes. New perks being added is always a good thing. I do also like the sound of the VIP pass, it's a good idea as there will be people who will buy it. There's no way I can afford it but it is a premium product with a premium price, which is how it should be.

I agree, this is a good thing. Well good for those people who have far too much money and buy fast tracks. Personally there is no way that I could afford that.

By the way, when reading about this has anyone read the terms and conditions?
There were the normal things and then there was this odd line in the middle

Please note that the EDF Energy London Eye will be shut for maintenance between 6 January to 17 January 2014 and the London Dungeon will be shut for relocation until March 2014.

The question is, where is the London Dungeons being relocated too? Oddly, only last year it was closed till March whilst they relocated. Now those merlin lawyers wouldn't have just done a search and replace for 2013 with 2014 would they. I am sure they are paid far too much to do that. ;)
The way the Fastrack thing is worded, is that as a MAP holder you can claim a package from each park (bar Qbot Legoland) once for the whole year...

It therefore would mean that any MAP tickets would be taken from the system anyway, and once a year (or per visit, whatever it ends up being) means it can be controlled suitably...

That's of course, if it's run logically like that...
I wish some of our annual pass money went towards hiring someone with half-decent grammar skills. Have you seen some of the FAQs? ::)


You can give your booking reference to a family member or friend along with a clear colour photo of you, your full name and date of birth and they can take it along to your chosen attraction for you to have your Pass issued. A Letter of authorisation will need to be presented on the day. This letter will need to give authorisation for the Family Member to collect your passes on your behalf.
(Ex. I authorise (Friends or Family's Name) to collect the passes on my behalf.) If you are able to sign and date the letter of authorisation along with a telephone number in case you need to be reached.