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The Alton Towers Dungeon

Does anyone know what happened to the Glass Elevators in Charlie, I know they weren't part of the auction so wondered if they were still in there SBNO?
Just from a guest experience POV, with the level of interaction, surely you’d only want to go on this attraction if it was busy?

Can’t think of anything more awkward if I were the only one being shouted at by the actors in every scene…

Do they have a minimum occupancy to start the shows with?
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Imagine they are still there, probably cost them more to remove them than just leave it there. I’m sure when you go round the dungeons it definitely feels like you walk around the lifts.
Didn't Trick 'O'Treat Town go closer to where the lifts are?
Is there any photos or footage of the Black River section of the Attraction out there. I've hear it's abysmal with minimum theming and props from a Halloween shop. It can't be that bad, surely?
The first half is taken in darkness with a couple of gags, the second half is just CatCF painted black with more gags from other Dungeons. It's about on-par with it's previous incarnation but with jumpscares.

It's very effective at what is does on what was obviously a very tight budget, although it's not a worthy use for such large infrastructure such as a major dark ride. The Dungeon would be much better suited in another show venue such as the Towers themselves or elsewhere on park as the current is very out of the way for it's target audience, especially in a theme park which has had to bring in fairground rides to increase capacity/throughput in the park.

I'd imagine they would get more walk-ins if it was located by X-Sector in the west wing of the Towers where ATM and the Sub Species finale was and the boat ride rethemed into a new attraction, but I'm just a nerd with an opinion.
I not been on it but reading what others on here have said about it reminds me of this clip of the Simpsons.

With how many actors the attraction needs I do wonder what the running costs are and if it’s even made back the costs to remove everything Charlie related and to turn it into the dungeons.

Isn’t this the latest POV from Duel mate?
A quick look at the time slots available to book does suggest the opening times of the Dungeons have been reduced (which is probably no great surprise)

The next couple of weeks shows slots being available 11.15am-4.30pm against park opening hours of 10am-6pm.

On top of this slots aren’t available between 1pm-2.15pm each day - presumably for staff breaks - I guess this reduces the number of staff needed since they don’t have to cover breaks on a rolling basis.

Once the summer holidays kick in the first slot each day isn’t until 12pm with the last at 6pm, and again a gap from 2pm-3.30pm everyday that you can’t book - so the Dungeon is only open 4.5hrs a day during the summer period.
I don’t know if this is anything to read into, but the TS site team posted the following on Facebook earlier surrounding the future of the Alton Towers Dungeon:

I know I'm probably making a fuss about nothing, but I am aware that some of the team get fed a certain degree of insider information, and if you cast your minds back to a few months ago, the TS Facebook page was doing similar speculative posts about Duel... and look what happened there!

Could the demise of the Alton Towers Dungeon be on the horizon?
Can someone screenshot instead of embedding? FB posts never work for me.
The post says the following:
With revelations of a forthcoming consultation regarding a new indoor attraction on the former site of the Alton Mouse, what future could there be for the Alton Towers Dungeon, which sits to the left of The World of David Walliams? This area could look very different in the years ahead...
Hope that helps!
I think the demise of the Dungeon started the second the trademark was filed - haven't done it since opening year and honestly don't think it's something that's worth doing again.

If I added up travel costs, plus the fact it's included in my Annual Pass, it'd be cheaper, quicker, and easier to do London instead.