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The I Feel Happy Topic!

Down side with passing automatic test is you are limited on what you can drive.
Not really. . .nearly all cars come in both manual and auto options now. .

Most manufacturers are more on the side of auto by default now. . All Audi Rs models are dsg only. .

Even "drivers" cars like the Yaris GR now even come with an auto option.

And the modern dual clutch transmissions are incredible. . Not like the slush boxes of old.
Very minor, I know… but after weeks of playing The 1% Club with my family, I finally got to the 1% question this evening!

I didn’t have a clue on the 1% question itself, mind you, but given my previous record was 15% or 20%, I’m taking getting there alone as a huge win!
That's pretty good going Matt. Believe it or not, for such a thicko, I normally get to 25% plus.

I'm in a good mood today. No rain since this morning and the sun is currently bearing down on me on my walk home from work. I love walks home from work in the summer. Something about winter finally being over that puts me on such a good mood.
That's pretty good going Matt. Believe it or not, for such a thicko, I normally get to 25% plus.
It is so variable depending on the week’s questions for me. I normally get at least far enough to be able to use my pass (so at least 50%), but I’d say my normal elimination point is somewhere between 35% and 50%. My previous record was elimination at 15% or 20%, even if I have known lower percentage questions after that.

There is the odd week, though, where they whack in something like a spot the difference question and I get eliminated at some really high percentage question like 80%. I’m absolutely terrible at the spot the difference ones; one particularly poor week I remember was where the 80% question showed three versions of the same Roman painting, and the question was something like “Which of these has been edited?”. I did not have the slightest clue and got eliminated at 80%… and felt very stupid when they highlighted the one where the Roman soldiers were wearing Nike trainers! I didn’t notice that at all when actually answering the question, but it was so obvious once I had the answer highlighted to me…

It is funny how our minds work, because most weeks, I’ll get eliminated on a question, and then there will be one at a lower percentage that I get pretty much instantly!
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So. . . I've been going to Alton atleast once a year for the past 10+ years.

Ticked off all major the roller coasters years ago, except ONE - Oblivion.

The sheer fear and anxiety it creates just looking at it is ridiculous.

I'm not a lover of drops or height to be honest and the thought of Oblivion alone just fills me with dread.

Well today, I finally did it! . . And as is usually the case it was no where near as bad as the scenario's I'd made up in my head.

Finally ticked off the Big 7 😁
I took a risk and cut my own hair after a couple of years of not going to the hairdressers and for some reason developing an aversion to visiting one (I never really liked going to get my hair cut anyway). The length was getting difficult to manage and was becoming annoying so I followed a tutorial video and it actually turned out ok. I don’t hate it and it is now far easier to manage. So yay.
Ok, sometimes, for reasons you may know about with my recent tour report etc, we can end up just too damn happy for our own good.
Plans for world tour in the thoosiemobile, with friends old and new coming on nicely, all that grief behind me, and the McEwans Champion as post operative mouthwash is not sending my mouth nerves a tingle at all.
Thank you all and good night, been a very busy couple of days.
Credit once more to all the lovely people who run this place.