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Watched anything good lately?

'Am I being Unreasonable?' the new thing from Daisy May Cooper is excellent. Like a hybrid between This Country and Fleabag.

On iPlayer.
Ghosts has just returned, I'm only a couple of episodes in and it's brilliant again.

And Gone Fishing is a few episodes in. It's just the best thing on TV, beautiful and heartwarming and quietly enthralling. I wish each each episode was a couple of hours long.

Both on iplayer.
It's normally crap when some old cancelled show is brought back, especially when it is Sky doing it, but the new Never Mind the Buzzcocks hosted by Greg Davies on Sky is incredible. Davies is absolutely on fire, and a perfect host that they never found on BBC2 after Simon Amstel left.
I finally started watching Heartstopper a couple of weeks ago. Only got three episodes in, but I'm loving what I've seen so far.
The Bear on Disney+

Basically a young chef whose been working in a top New York restaurant returns home to run the family's sandwich shop following his brothers death. 8 episodes most about 30 minutes in length so really easy to binge watch. Both funny, and dramatic. The kitchen scenes can be quite tense, and the food porn is stunningly good.
Andor on Disney+ which is in effect a prequel series to Rogue one.
Season 1 set a number of years before that (4 or 5) and as well as showing how Andor came to the rebellion it also shows a number of other key players in this phase.

10 episodes in, of the 12, and it's been tremendous to watch. Slow burn but developing characters throughout. Can't wait to see how they wrap this up.

The second and final season has also been confirmed. So it'll be 24 episodes in total.
Apple TV are doing 3 months free in various places at the moment (e.g. game pass perk). Just have to set a reminder to cancel.

I don't rate it as a service content wise, however...

Severance! One of the best things we have watched in a long time.

Recommended not looking at trailers etc, just watch it for the full experience. It's so well done.
Has anyone else been watching the reality game show The Traitors on BBC1? It's 5 episodes in (out of 12) already and I'm gripped. Hosted by Claudia Winkleman, a group of contestants have to complete tasks together to build up the prize pot (which could be up to £120,000 I think). However, hidden among them are "traitors", who's job is to "murder" (eliminate) a constant every night, sending them home. And every afternoon the group meets at the "Roundtable", where they have to try and vote of the traitors and banish them. If any Traitors remain at the end of the game, they take the whole prize pot themselves.

It airs three nights a week four weeks (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), and episodes 1-5 are on the iPlayer now.
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Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix, a pretty enjoyable crime caper romp, even if Millie Bobby Brown seems to be getting a bit hammy as she gets older. Definitely worth a watch.

Everything Everywhere All At Once on Prime, a mind bending masterpiece. I've watched it twice now and it demands repeat viewings, it's so densely packed. Absolutely lives up to the considerable hype.

See How They Run on Disney+, absolutely superb. Nothing groundbreaking but properly funny with engaging slightly dark story.

Killing Eve on bbc. Lost its way towards the end sadly. It knew it was ending, it could have tied things up neatly and more explicitly concluded some of the long unanswered questions, but it just sort of disappeared up itself then abruptly stopped. A shame.
Finally got around to watching 'Welcome to Wrexham' (on Disney+). On episode 8 at the moment so not far from the end probably. It has exceeded my expectations to be honest. It's been very entertaining in different ways. You would have to be a football fan to really appreciate some of the more sentimental bits. I was a big fan of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' before any of the Wrexham stuff happened so I was ready for the kind of humour that might intersperse the series thanks to Rob etc. I've been impressed. Hope they do another season.