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Ok robstradamus here...
I forecast a pretty dry weekend for the Towers...you will only get a few hours of rain over the whole weekend, if that.
Not worth not going, if you know what I mean, even if you are a fair weather rider.
So there.


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As a professional gardener, who views a number of weather forecast sources because my income and rollercoastering depend on it, I can say they are all sh!te.

It is very difficult to guess where heavy cloud becomes rain, it is often a best guess, and even at the last minute they can get it completely wrong.

Big weather systems are easy to forecast, and they often get them bang on.
The weather for the next few days is a wiggly front, that is going to move up and down a bit, warm air below, cool air above, and a wet bit in the middle.
The wet bit in the middle is Alton...ish.
The queues are shorter, the staff kinder, the coasters faster in the rain.
Skin is waterproof.
Get on with it...make sure you do all rides with a roof, sadly, not as many as there used to be.

I'm also a gardener and have given up on forecasts. They are never right as you said queues are shorter mostly when the weather is poor.


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The latest forecast is looking better, Heavy rain up to 12 noon and then dry from 3pm onward's, but all could still change either way


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Pretty busy here today - was hoping for a bit of an easy Wicker Man sesh but it's a good 25-35 mins.

Thirteen and Smiler hovering around the hour mark.

Edit: Also Towers have been spot on with updating queue times today, and with great accuracy. Thorpe Park take note you divs.
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Had a mad idea to stay over on resort during Scarefest.
Every Saturday, all hotels (dont count cbeebies) fully booked other than Saturday the 27th which they want over £250 for
How can they have sold every single room ?

Every room

all the rooms



me thinks they have not sold all the rooms, they have just not bothered opening them for sale


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If @Rob wasn't quite clear enough on the previous page - this is General Discussion and not the weather forum. I also would like to state that there is not, and never will be a weather forum. Or a "Ridetimes Updates" forum, or even a thread for that matter.



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If you want small queues, you don't have to wait for rain on a Saturday, just go on an off peak day.

The few off peak days the park remains open on that is.....


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The majority of employment takes place outside of the hours of 10am and 4pm.
According to who?

The traffic going in and out of cities at 9am in the morning and 5pm in the evening on weekdays would beg to differ.

Of course there are still quiet days midweek at theme parks! It's just that Alton are closed 3 weekdays so the remaining two are a lot busier than they should be.


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Look up the statistics, I don't know which big paper I read it in.
The rush hour starts at six am, runs until ten, then starts again with the school run at three, until seven.
Hospitals, public services, trains, stores, Amazon and eBay all run 24/7.
I'm well aware of off peak times at theme parks, especially BPB and Towers, and I was specifically referring to the Towers, so you are agreeing with me...no really quiet days anymore means no Towers pass.


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I've never understood how "9-5" constitutes a full time job? 9-5 is an 8 hour day, minus a lunch hour, that's just 7 hours a day. 7 hours over 5 days is just 35 hours in a week! Practically part time!

Anyway, back to that 2018 season...


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8 hours is a half day in my job. 10 is the standard, 12 is common. Shifts starting at 11:30pm and ending at 1:45pm are not unknown.
And my commute takes the best part of 2 hours each way....
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