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2023: The Curse at Alton Manor


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As some of you may have seen, Monday's press release brought us a substantial number of images of the interior of The Curse at Alton Manor. Sadly, a lot of news outlets and fan sites have posted the images directly on their social media accounts, so if you're trying to avoid all spoilers, you might find it pretty difficult I'm afraid.

That said, we'll still try our best to keep things spoiler free for those who want to avoid it, both on social media and here on our forum. So a day or two earlier than planned - welcome to your new The Curse at Alton Manor topic!

As if it didn't need saying already - this topic will contain spoilers and there is a possibility some content may not be in spoiler tags.

A quick reminder of the guidelines we posted the other day:

Utilise the Spoiler Tag​

The spoiler tag allows content to be hidden on the forum unless the spoiler button is clicked to view it. We're asking everyone to consider whether their post about The Curse at Alton Manor could be considered a spoiler, and if so use the spoiler tag.

This works in both Tapatalk and on the web version of TowersStreet. On the website, you might have noticed that the spoiler button has moved to a more prominent place on the text editor in recent days:
Click the button, enter a title for the spoiler (or leave it blank if you wish) and then add your content between the two spoiler tags that appear in your text box:

[spoiler] insert your content in between the two spoiler tags [/spoiler]

On Tapatalk, you'll need to type the tags in manually. You'll then end up with a spoiler button in your post as below:

Just like this

If you're unsure if something constitutes a spoiler, then chuck it in those spoiler tags just in case :).

Want to avoid all spoilers? Avoid the topic!​

As already mentioned, everyone has their own view on what constitutes a spoiler, and so there may be some posts where someone hasn't used the spoiler tag that you feel may ruin your experience when you first head on the ride. It's also impossible for us as a team to constantly monitor the topic 24/7. So if you truly want to avoid all spoilers for the ride, we'd recommend you avoid the topic until you have.

If you're watching the topic, you may wish to unwatch it to avoid notifications. You can do this in the watched topic page, or you can click the cog icon in the top right of the page when viewing the topic and select unwatch.

Social Media, Video and Image Posting​

We mainly want to hear your own thoughts and views on TowersStreet, so please ensure any social media posts, video and images are used in addition to your own contributions to the topic. If you haven't done so already, take a look at the guidelines on video posting and my recent "housekeeping" post in Guest Services for further information.

If you have any questions about this, please utilise this topic rather than post in the Alton Manor topic. Thanks!
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Found a really interesting news article regarding of the ride, while also mentioning some really interesting things, especially (for me anyway) flying demons.

Just a word of warning for anyone who doesnt want spoilers… article includes image of a ride scene!

For those that have seen the image, one of the items is a very clever easter egg to another of the parks previous rides/areas!

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After seeing those new scenes and hearing that it's as if she's talking directly to you, I have a very good feeling about this. I'm now confident more scenery in the ride will be new
I did want to keep all of this a surprise but I guess it’s impossible to avoid exposure when you have several social media accounts 😂

The scenes genuinely look fantastic, and importantly very well lit with theatrical lighting rather than LED wash lights from B&Q.
Discussion of scenery and some easter eggs in spoiler tag:-

The quality of the scenery looks good, although I hope it isnt all just static with 'movement' solely by projection mapping. Overall it looks very promising and I remain optimistic. The oversized items does seem to support the idea of being shrank down.

I've spotted four/five easter eggs in those images which are a nice touch and I hope there are more throughout the ride!
- Ug Land/Corkscrew - oversized Corkscrew box
- Duel - Nicholad Roodyn on tin of green paint
- Toyland Tours - on the toybox outside the giant dolls house
- Rita - Car toybox outside giant dolls house
- Wicker Man - poster next to stuffed bear
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I'm actually overwhelmed…...I don't say that often. For the time and budget they had, with that level of detail and creativity. This is clear to be a uniquely artistic visual, which I don’t believe we have experienced in a ghost type train in Europe. Very different to any ride I have been on anyway and Wow I can't wait to ride this now! Obviously riding will be a different story but visually from what I’ve seen I can’t fault the unique imaginative style. Very impressed with the Merlin designers and the brains behind such a thought out back story
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Can anyone work out the location of the scene? I’m assuming it’s to replace the end scenes that were botched in 2003 with the “cellar”
It does appear to be the end scenes yes which definitely leads to speculation of the remaining scenes still being in place but being tweaked which I have no problem with when utilised correctly.

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