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Football Discussion

I enjoyed watching it until the last goal, that was cruel (not Krul as he was on the bench).
It does show that Luton can hold up against the top teams, I'm just hoping we can turn that into enough points to stay up.
Actually surprised by the new TV deal accouncement. Not shocked by the ridiculous amount paid, suprised Amazon have not been given a slice of the pie. I hope that a greater slice of cash will be filtered down the leagues.

It seems as though the illegal streaming is making sky twitch. Every 2pm game on Sunday to now be broadcast. Big clubs and audiences being ignored. It would be nice if the PL actually grew a pair and stood up for the man in the stand. Cut ticket prices and stop sending supporters to games at the other end of the country when public transport is not running because of how early or late it is. It's ok having Liverpool play Brighton. How about having it at decent time on Saturday. Not late on a Sunday or midweek.

Could this be the last TV deal of this type? I think the only real issue with a Disney, netflix, NFL redzone type streaming system for games not being set up is the 3pm blackout.
Quite pleasantly surprised that it's back to only 2 broadcasters for the new TV deal rather than 3. Obviously depends on who bid for what, but having to have 3 subscriptions to legally watch all TV games has always been stupid.
The high amount of Sunday games are an unfortunate by-product of the European Thursday night games.

Plus then add in Sky's NEED to have the "biggest" weekend fixture on as well.

So greed basically.

The 3pm blackout probably helps more lower leagues clubs than it would hinder.

Amazon's coverage is decent so a shame that's not part of the new deal. Sky again probably panicking over lost sales.
Tricky situation the 3pm thing.

Looking at what Rugby League has done and announced every game will be shown on TV. Will certainly help the decline in supporters entering stadiums at RL grounds. The price of the TV package is less than it was before. Football needs to be careful with what it does.
At home they are good, don't seem to travel to well. Few strange defeats and draws, I'm sure they will tidy that up. I saw them at Anfield and they looked no where near it. Emery will, I'm sure have an eye on winning another European trophy, that may hinder them and the small squad.

Just nice to have a close top 4, with some sides sniffing about. Newcastle and United will struggle for top 4, the mancs are on a good run but Ten Haag is like ole, when the going gets tough he gets found out. A odd fellow that doesn't look like he wants to be there anymore, and the players don't want him there. It's glorious.

I am convinced Eddie Howe is a man you do not want in charge beyond 3 seasons. He comes across as this nice guy, but he is learning the hard way that being in Europe and having so many games, takes its toll on a squad. Which is something klopp and Pep tell everyone. He always saw it as moaning.

Something is a little wrong at city. A big year last year maybe be taking its toll now? Even with their ritches (and financial cheating,) it can't buy the stamina to keep doing what Pep demands. KDB isn't that much of a miss with their attacking talents. No shock without Rodri they struggle to get results.
City won't win it this year. To be fair they can't win it every year. My bets on Arsenal.

Although my acca needs Villa to beat them tom
I called it a few days ago when he first kicked off. He's doing a 'thing'. Getting as much attention as possible by acting the twat, and then yesterday he announced he's got a podcast coming out :rolleyes:

Sad really as there's a big audience out there for it. See also - Andrew Tate, Russel Brand, GB News.
He was a bang average player as well. Utter knobhead.

I think he could have been a really good solid midfielder for a top 4 side. Unfortunately, he is joey Barton, just decided he needed to be a twat instead. The blokes career shouldn't have lasted passed his jail and community service time.

The comments on his brother having "17 years stolen" from him is just appalling. He went down for a racist killing.

I would highly recommend a podcast called the late challenge. Liverpool based but it's hosted by a former anfield wrap host called Gareth Roberts and a life coach called Paul cope. They have a segment called footballing knobheads Barton is heavily featured in this and will be again. Robbo frequently calls Barton out when he says he like this because he is from Huyton. Robbo is from the same area and frequently points out that he isn't like that and neither news Barton good friend, Steven Gerrard.
Haha, Raith Rovers sitting on top of the league by 5 points! We are going up surely! :D
I am genuinely worried about the transfer window. There will be teams looking at a number of players. I wouldn't be surprised to see attempted swoops on Easton, Stanton and Dabrowski at the very least.
I am genuinely worried about the transfer window. There will be teams looking at a number of players. I wouldn't be surprised to see attempted swoops on Easton, Stanton and Dabrowski at the very least.
Aye, that is one worry and the squad is rather thin though I'm sure they'll bring in some loan signings to help bulk up the numbers for the squad.

Would be funny though if Raith won the league, last time we played in the top flight, a giant hole was being dug into the ground for SW4...long time coming.
Wow unbelievable news. Listening to him think he’s making the right call for him as a person.

Who next ? I can’t see anyone coming in and being as successful. I really detest Liverpool as a club but be sad to see him gone