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    IMAScore have released the pre album listening to Start Trek: Operation Enterprise. Giving you a taste of the soundtrack around the ride and queue.

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    I went on this for the first time over the weekend and would agree they must have some licence, although there didnt appear to be much love for Riker :(. Everyone else got their mention in the queue.

    The ride is good but nothing special and the indoor section (through the borge cube?) seems something of an after thought. As Rick pointed out, it is quite the juxtaposition from the queue to the ride. The ride itself seemed controlled and comfortable with a few pops of airtime and a decent Immelman. I'm sure some might like the roll that lifts you out of a your seat but I found it a painfully slow version of the ending of blue fire. However its all about the start, which is fun to say the least.

    Also not sure of the rain helped but I quite enjoyed Bandit, except for the slam into the brakes at the end. I'd take a bit of rough and fun over the tame and meh ride of Mammut at Tripsdrill.

    Van Helsing was fun and provided 2 jump scares that caught me off guard. Similar to Gseng'tsau i guess but indoor and mostly in pitch black. Not sure the 50's style hot rods in a spooky/horror setting will ever catch on as a theme though!

    Movie Park is a cool little park but seems to be confused in what direction it's heading in and soo many rides seem to have remnants of their old themes lying about, ghost chasers being a prime example of that.

    Would I go specifically for Movie Park or Operation Enterprise? Probably not but you could easily bundle it into an Efteling/Toverland/Phantasialand trip and enjoy it for what it is :)
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    The unbuilt Liseberg dark ride
    So, if anybody wasn't aware, Bermuda Triangle - Alien Encounter has been undergoing a major renovation and name change to Area 51 - Top Secret, apparently due to open this summer. They're not relying on an IP but seem to be adding a pre-show and a story.

    German YouTuber Ride Review went behind the scenes very recently, and his video is pretty damn thorough!

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    Steel Vengeance
    I'll always have a bizarre soft spot for that ride....
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