TST Main Season Opening: 22-23 March 2014


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Untamed - Walibi Holland
One of my fav moments was discussing how many different theme park style ways to come out as 'gay'. Tower of Terror, Matherhorn Blitz and the AT Skyride were mentioned among many others!


TS Team
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Untamed - Walibi Holland
I was thinking about filming a opening blog myself, but I film much too often at Towers! But now I know the group, I'll be able to whip me camera out on the next meet I attend and film a vlog!

Nice edit there though, Crofty!


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Dizz, Bobby’s Yarn Land 🧶
The world needs more KC Cam. What better way to view the Alton Towers Resort! ;)


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She moaned that she was 'beneath me' now. I think she's beneath the whole population when it comes to operating a camera! :p

:) :)


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I was only on park for a couple of hours on Sunday, and most of that was taken up by #Asstroselfie.

As hilarious as usual! :D


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Untamed - Walibi Holland
Dar said:
I was only on park for a couple of hours on Sunday, and most of that was taken up by #Asstroselfie.

As hilarious as usual! :D

Did Astro even know about it?


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Good points:

Th13teen being better than I expected it to be.
Meeting everybody
Having a good laugh
Submission memorial garden.
Pin Badge!

Bad points:

Smiler breakdowns
The Not so great great british weather
Leaving everyone.


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Untamed - Walibi Holland
Finally got round to re-writing this!

My Review!

Last weekend, I attended my first ever TST meet-up, by a series of events leading me there. (If you were there, you probably know what I'm talking about.)

I was early getting to the plaza, and was waiting about 15 minutes for everyone to arrive on the monorail, which I knew was coming, due to MattyH telling me beforehand.

We all queued up to get in for ERT, and absolutely everyone was so approachable and easy to talk to! We queued [size=0.7em](and queue switched)[/size] for Oblivion, before heading over to The Smiler, and waiting for it to open for half an hour. When the ride finally did open, we had, let's say, an awkward situation with the other forum. I believe we waited about an hour in total, but that was fine, as we were all having a mini soshe!

We headed over to Dark Forest (or as someone called it, Abandoned Farm), and went on both RITA and ThTHIRTEENteen. Unfortunately, 13 was only running 2 trains, so it took a very long time for us to board and dispatch. #TRIMS

We then had lunch! Some of us went to the Tavern (which apparently was a mistake), some went to Mexican Cantina (which apparently was also a mistake, due to wedges not being available), and the rest of us went to the Fried Chicken Co in X-Sector! I would like to thank whoever's idea it was to go there, because you have introduced me to Spicy Chicken burgers (I don't normally like spice), which were delicious!

Then... 'it' arrived. Having not had much of 'it' so far, it was inevitable that ‘it' would happen during the group photo and pin badge give out. Nuff said.

After this, we headed up to Rapids, but we just couldn’t help ourselves from having a spin on Marauder’s, which was hilarious! 5 people in a barrel? Don’t think so, mate!

So a relatively disappointing Rapids ride as we didn’t get that wet, then up to Duel and RMT, before heading over to B&M Valley! Complete faff after Nemesis with meeting up, but Air wasn’t too bad! Then myself, Alastair and BigAl (even though I didn’t know it was them at the time) had a flip on an unnaturally dry Ripsaw! They really need to sort the angles of those fountains. :/

Another ride on The Smiler was last, and after a 35 minute hour and a half queue, and a good couple of breakdowns, we got on, only to find that after ‘half way corrected’, it would start hailing, extremely heavily. :/

A walk back up Towers Street with TowersStreet was accompanied by the music cutting out half way up, and a photo with Shawn Sanbrooke at the turnstiles! (See #NoFilter.) Then a monorail back to the SLH where I waited for my ride home, and MattyH and Jonathan stayed with meh! How loveleh!

Meeting everyone for the first time!
Feeling so welcome! (Shoutout to MattyH, BigHairJoe, AstroDan, Kaycee, and of course Sam)
Queue-hopping Oblivion.
Showing complete respect to Submission.
Taking the mickey out of a certain other group of people.
Sam’s David Attenborough impression in the RITA queue!
Having my first ever spicy chicken burger!
Being introduced to The Fried Chicken Co.
Pin badges.
Realising that stacking is indeed slacking!
Singing “Happy Birthday” in the Air queue.
Awesome cycle on Ripsaw!
“I’M GAY!!!!!!!!!"
Sanbrooke selfie.
Expecting no one to be there, but quite a lot of people in the SLH bar after the meet!


Thirteen queue.
Smiler breakages.
Smiler in the hail.
Leaving, still being a Sub-Standard virgin, even though I didn’t particularly want to go on.