February Half Term

Between 2006 and 2015, the park threw open its doors in February to welcome thrill seekers and families alike, opening rides and attractions for the first time each new year. Each year the event would have a different focus, often featuring charaters like the Moshi Monsters, or in later years the new characters from CBeebies Land. During these years, the park offered a limited but varied number of attractions from across the resort, including thrill, family and kids rides.

From 2016, however, the February Half Term event became a hotel-based event, with only very limted park access, usually focusing on Sharkbait Reef or Mutiny Bay. Below, we take a look at some of the more notable February Half Term events in the park…

Towers, Treats and Trails

Towers, Treats and Trails

Carters Steam Fair during Towers, Treats and Trails in 2007 In 2007 the park offered possibly one of the most unique half-term events, when they invited Carters Steam Fair to set up on the lawns at the bottom of Towers Street. Alongside the traditional rides from the steam fair, the park opened a selection of their own attractions, mainly aimed at the younger generations, but also including Oblivion.

In another unique twist, for possibly the first time since 1980, entry to the park was free and guests instead paid per ride. This allowed guests to explore the Towers and Gardens without charge, whilst paying for tokens to access the rides, with Oblivion requiring three tokens to ride.

On top of the rides, the park also offered Archery on the Front Lawns (for five tokens) as well as Laser Tag in the T-Room in the Towers Ruins (for four Tokens).

Towers, Treat and Trails only ran for a single season, but it paved the way for a more extensive park opening the following half-term in 2008.

2015 Event

2015 Event Overview

Alongside the regular half-term offerings, the 2015 event focused very much on the then new CBeebies Land, with a variety of additional activities alongside the land’s regular attractions.

Mr Bloom's Allotment CBeebies Land was bursting with new shows and characters for Half Term to delight the youngest members of the family. Mr Bloom was back from his holidays and between 14th-20th February he performed several live shows a day, looking for eager tiddlers to help him tend the Veggies.

Justin Fletcher also preformed live in the Big Fun Showtime arena on 21st and 22nd February, though tickets for Justin’s shows were strictly limited and had to be booked in advance.

Elsewhere in CBeebies Land, little ones could meet and greet some new faces, when Captain Barnacles of the Octonauts made landfall for the first time alongside Mim-Min, the lovable bunny from Kate and Mim-Mim. One of these character also gave a big clue as to the theme of the new coaster that was being built in CBeebies Land, offering a sneaky first glimpse for coaster geeks to enjoy during Half Term!

With a small selection of thrill and family rides also available, February Half Term was perfect for families, or those who wish to tame Nemesis again and again without the interruption of all those queues during the main season.


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