Height Restrictions

Like any theme park some attractions at Alton Towers have height restrictions in place. Check out the minimum (and maximum!) heights of the rides to plan and enjoy your day right here...

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Ride Height Restrictions

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Ride Name Minimum Accompanied Maximum
The Smiler 1.4m - -
Nemesis 1.4m - -
Rita 1.4m - -
Galactica 1.4m - -
Oblivion 1.4m - -
Wicker Man 1.2m - 1.88m
Spinball Whizzer 1.2m - 1.95m
Th13teen 1.2m - 1.96m
Marauder's Mayhem 1.1m upto 1.3m -
Cuckoo Cars Driving School 1m - 1.4m
The Blade 1m upto 1.3m -
Congo River Rapids 0.9m - -
Enterprise 0.9m upto 1.4m -
Justin's House Pie-O-Matic Factory 0.9m - 1.4m
Battle Galleons 0.9m upto 1.1m -
Runaway Mine Train 0.9m upto 1.1m -
Heave Ho! 0.9m upto 1.1m -
Go Jetters Vroomster Zoom Ride 0.9m upto 1.25m -
Charlie and Lola's
Moonsquirters & Greendrops
0.9m - -
Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure 0.9m upto 1.1m -
Frog Hopper 0.9m upto 1.1m -
Hex - The Legend of the Towers 0.9m upto 1.2m -
Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop 0.9m upto 1.1m -
Tree Fu Tom Training Camp - - 1.4m
Skyride - - -
Postman Pat's Parcel Post - upto 1.1m -
Monorail - - -
The Numtums Number-Go-Round - upto 1m -
Duel - The Haunted House Strikes Back - upto 1.1m -
Haunted Hollow - - -
The Alton Towers Dungeon - - -
Nina's Science Lab - - -
Extraordinary Golf - - -
Something Special Sensory Garden - - -
Get Set Go Treetop Adventure - upto 1.1m -
Sharkbait Reef By SEALIFE - - -
Gallopers Carousel - upto 1.3m -
In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride - upto 1m -

What is 'accompanied' height?

It simply means that anyone UNDER this height can ride, but they must ride with an adult who is over 18 (and over the height limit also!) next to them. There may also be some restrictions as to where you both must sit for your safety, but ride hosts will make you aware of these when boarding.

If you're over the 'accompanied' height you can enjoy the ride by yourself (providing you're under the maximum height restriction too!)

If a ride has an accompanied height but no minimum, it means that anyone of any height under the accompanied height may ride so long as they are with an adult as above. Usually the only exception to this rule is that babies/young children can NOT be carried in the arms of the adult, and can not ride.

What are height restrictions?

Put simply, they are a set limit of a minimum and maximum height of someone to ride. They are usually set by ride manufacturers (not Alton Towers themselves!) for your safety, so that you can enjoy a ride without coming to any harm. Alton Towers has a legal obligation to adhere to health and safety ride restrictions, and therefore takes ride heights and height checks very seriously on all rides.

How do I know if I'm tall enough?

Usually most ride entrance hosts will visually determine if you need to have your height confirmed before you enter the ride. However, you may be stopped and checked when boarding the ride also, particularly if a ride host is concerned about your height when boarding. Usually the check is very quick and requires you to stand against a pre-determined height board (at the entrance), or a height stick pole carried by the host. If you are very close to the restriction, a marker chock (a small piece of wood to lay flat on your head) may be used to determine the final result against the height board.

You won't be asked to remove your normal shoes, however excessive (i.e. extreme high heeled shoes etc) may be asked to be removed, as these will not help secure you in your ride vehicle as per the minimum height requirements. Large hair styles and tip toe-ing isn't recommended either, and hosts are very aware of all the tricks pulled to try and make yourself look taller! It's your welfare at stake - a host/staff members' decision on allowing you to pass the height check is final (remember - they have to do this by law for your safety!) and arguing further will not allow you onto the ride. Please save embarrassment for yourself and your time by accepting that you may not be tall enough to ride on this occasion!

If you are often pulled in for height checks, you may ask the host who height checked you for a special wristband to wear to prove you have had your height checked and verified providing they are available at the attraction. Note, however, that staff still hold the right to check your height once again to comply with health and safety regulations and for their peace of mind.

Can I be too tall for some rides?!

Yes! As silly as it may sound, some rides have a maximum height restriction. This is in place for your safety with regards to the ride, its machinery and operation, or any scenery. Often rides are designed with a "safety envelope" that prevents any part of a rider coming into contact with any scenery or ride machinery, however some riders over a certain height may find that their legs or head might encroach on these safety margins, and thus will not be able to ride. Flouting maximum height restrictions may lead to serious injury for yourself!

Top Tip! Check out our "Interactive Height Planner" to input your height and get a list of rides you can enjoy simply and easily!